Author and Story Info Misc Info about Target! Characters

Name: Kazuma Takumi
Height: 5'4''
Age: 17
D.O.B.: January 24th
Blood Type: A
School: Hinotama Academy
Family: Younger Sister: Kazuma Niwa, Mother: Kazuma
Miyuki, Father: Kazuma Takeshi (deceased)
Favorite Food: Anything spicy
Least Favorite Food: Anything too sweet
Hobbies: Writing, and generally being aloof (if t'weren't
for Rui and Seiji)
Likes: Most things having to do with spirits/demons (although he doesn't
believe in them personally), and
such, solitude, his friends (even though sometimes he'll
fail to show his appreciation)
Personality: Takumi tends to be aloof when it comes to
people, mostly, due to his isolated life at the shrine he and
his family reside in. Because of this, he comes off as cold
to most people, with the exception of Rui and Seiji. If
pushed enough, however, Takumi can loosen up, and
has with the help of his friends. However, even with their little
pushes, he still maintains an almost 'untouchable'
personality. He shows this by calling most everyone by
their last name, regardless of who they are (exceptions
are family and friends). This shows his formal and almost
cold demeanor he puts off at first. But in actuality, this is
the only way Takumi knows how to deal with people,
being forced to rely on< himself for his only friend for so
many years of his life. He is very protective of the people
he loves, especially his sister, even sometimes being a bit
harsh to his friends when it comes to her. It could be that
his personality is triggered by an indescribable insucurity
created by something that even Takumi can't put his finger

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