Author and Story Info Misc Info about Target! Characters

Name: Tezuka Seiji
Height: 5'6''
Age: 16
D.O.B.: April 12th
Blood Type: O
School: Hinotama Academy
Family: Older Brother: Tezuka Kagi, Older Sister:
Tezuka Megumi, Older Sister: Tezuka Kiku, Older
Sister: Tezuka Kaoru, Older Sister: Tezuka Kaori,
Mother: Tezuka Mika, Father: Tezuka Seijirou
(Seiji was named after his father)
Favorite Food: Everything, except...
Least Favorite Food: Green Tea
Hobbies: Flirting, contests, singing, generally being
Likes: Making conversation, laughing/humor,
animation/comics (cartoons/anime/manga ^^;)
Personality: Seiji is, needless to say, the most
outgoing and hyperactive member of our main cast
(Takumi, Rui and Seiji). Feeling that it's his responsi-
blity, he takes the task of making Takumi a socially
acceptable person into his own hands. The last child
in a family of six, Seiji strives for the attention of
people around him, perhaps to quell his own lack of
attention at home. He is also quite competitive,
thinking of life as a game, and a game he's set to win
. Because of this, he is usually very motivated
and ready to go in any situation. But, with motivation
comes weakenesses, and Seiji indeed has a lot. He
tends to leap in situations without thinking them
through, usually leading him, and the people he's
with into trouble. Luckily, he has Takumi and Rui to
usually help him out of a jam. ^^; Seiji is very
impatient, usually wanting things done NOW and
through with. Some could say that's what fuel's his
determination, even if it can sometimes get a little
out of hand.
Extra: Despite how active he is, Seiji has moments of physical weakness, though it doesn't seem like he has a disease. He usually fails to speak of these moments, but it seems he might know what is actually going on. Perhaps there is something he doesn't want to tell us...

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