Author and Story Info Misc Info about Target! Characters

Name: Watari Rui
Birth Name: Xiao Tianyi
Height: 5'3''
Age: 15
D.O.B.: September 22th
Sign:On the cusp of Virgo and Libra
Blood Type: AB
School: Hinotama Academy
Family: Mother: Xiao An, Father: Xiao Xin
Favorite Food: Sweet Foods (expecially cake)
Least Favorite Food: Peas
Hobbies: Riding his bicycle around town, working
at his mother's restaurant, reading, kendo
Likes: His friends, Niwa (^^;), a sense of peace
Personality: Rui, the youngest of our three main
characters, is the most calm and collected member
of the group. Because of this, he's usually the
peace-keeper between Seiji and Takumi when
either is riled up, and generally the one who gets
Seiji out of the situations he usually pulls himself in.
Being an only child, Rui tends to be treated as the
'little brother' of the group, due to his naive, yet
friendly demeanor most of the time. It isn't easy to
dislike this boy, and Rui usually tends to bring
the best out of anyone he talks to, making him quite
liked all around. In fact, he was the first person
outside Takumi's family to bring him out of his usual
shell with his amiable behavior. His main hobby
is kendo, and he's very good at it,
but tends to be embarrassed when most people
make a big deal about it. A slave to his own
modesty, unlike Seiji, Rui doesn't like a great deal
of attention- it makes him feel uncomfortable.
Because of this, he tends to keep a lot of his
troubling emotions to himself...something that leaves
him quite vulnerable to some.

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