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Seiji: Here's where we'll be placing any art and such for the series. Shady appologizes for "the
general crappiness" as she calls it, of most of the pics, but feel free to click on anything. We all hope
you like these pics! ('Specially the ones of me..hehehe...) And if you want, Shady would love it if
you'd send feedback or even fan-art for "Target!". Either of them would be kick ass, and we
wouldn't forget to put them up and give you credit! So don't be afraid. I'll make sure she doesn't bite.^^

Oh yeah! And if you want to see more pictures be sure to head to Shady's deviant art archive. She updates that more anyway. e_e;
Rui and a Dragon
The target group, all bunched together.
Takumi, Rui and Seiji-- rejected logo.
What could they be looking at?
'Dramatic' poses? Er...sure~
Faux-screentoned picture of one of Seiji's many older sisters- the oldest, Megumi.
Another older rejected picture for the site- Rui off to school. ^_^
A t-shirt design of Rui that I might, or might not actually do.
An all tablet colored sketch of Seiji. ^^
Yet ANOTHER rejcted picture for the site ^^;; I was fickle. And yes, the little chibi at the top is the yet-to-be named teacher that Takumi has had the..pleasure of meeting. *laughs*
Well, I guess Takumi had finals too...
A face study of Ai.
Just a cute picture of Rui that I did to practice my photoshop coloring. ^_^
A picture of Takumi I used for another coloring practice.
A picture I wanted to use in Takumi's character page...but I don't like it anymore, so that was scrapped. =P
Line art of Seiji that I really need to get to coloring..
Seiji looking surprisingly older. ^^; Not sure if I meant for that, but I really did like how this came out.
Colored version of above picture.
Was designing a new uniform for Niwa~ I also used this as a placeholder.
Darius! Haven't drawn him in a while. Placeholder. ^^
Picture used for the layout...don't they look cute in their uniforms?
Headshot of Takumi. Marker practice.
Another marker practice using Takumi.
Niwa...with rather big hair. ^^;; No, it wasn't intentional.
Niwa again- trying a different coloring style here (oddly, this time she came out looking more like Aya from WK..*sweat*)
Niwa- in tones!

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