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Oekaki Drawings. Most of these were drawn on my oekaki, but the bigger ones were drawn on the ess oekaki as well. Oekaki is awfully addictive..especially when you're to lazy do a finished inked, er..someone. ^^; *runs away*

new ---> old

The most recent one of Takumi...I didn't forget his eye color, don't worry. ^^; I have my reasons for changing them for this picture specifically..

I wouldn't be too happy if I were scrunched up in a little box like that too, so I excuse his expression this time. XD;

Cute little Kazuma Niwa. Funny how she and her brother look nothing alike, eh?

This was done when I was still developing Niwa's apperance, so she looks different. ^^; I still like the jist of the picture though..*laughs* Caught in the act, eh Rui? Nah, he's too innocent...I bet he accidentally fell over or something.

Old oekaki of Rui drawn in the summer. This took so long, considering I didn't know what the mask tools were until recently. ^_^;; *gets beaned by vegetables*

An oekaki of Niwa...awww, she's cute.

I think Seiji looks good in black, personally. XD

...And he also looks adorable as a chibi. ^^

I don't really know what inspired this, or anything...but I think it came out nice. Don't mind the french, I was just looking for something for him to say. Meh, I really need to do more oekakies of Takumi..

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