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Seiji: Finally! Shady gets the fan art/fan fiction page up! *grumbles* Too bad there's a lack of gifts of me...people these days, don't know a good looking fella when they see one... At any rate, we're always open to gifts for "Target!" (especially of me!) So don't be afraid, we won't bite!

Cable TV by Rivvi Eve.

A picture of Takumi, Seiji and Rui being their usual goofy selves by Spamsama. Will they ever learn?
You know, if you keep your face like that it'll get stuck, Seby.
Why so surprised, Rui? Someone try to steal your hat, again? By Kristen.
Lucky Mouse! By Seby.
The empitome of boyish cuteness in Target!- Rui! By Isabel Gonzalez.
Happy New Years? Too someone as cynical as Takumi, could it be anything but? Well, at least the party favors are nice, it seems...By Meghan.
Rui...and another (side) character that will be in the comic much later. Important Note: No, nothing like this will be happening in the comic, although it was very amusing for me to look at this picture. XD; *laughs* By Seby.
Can you ever get over yourself, Seiji? You even stand like you think you're the best!
I'd almost feel sorry for Takumi...but seeing who has his arms around him, I don't think I feel so sympathetic anymore. I wish all teachers looked like that and were attracted to me...*whine* By Seby
Gah, Kei looks so SEXY here. x_X; By Djinn
Yes, Duckie! Go snuggle with your love~ ^^ When he's sleeping is the only time you can, after all. e.e; By Kitsune Kitsune
Rui...never trust anyone with their shirt off. ^_^;; Asoka/Rui-ness! By Locura
Darius! By Seby.

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