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Target! Ad Contest
Welcome to the first contest ever for Target! As the title obviously says, this is an ad contest- make up your own ads with the Target! characters. It can be a spoof/humor, or even serious, that's all allowed! I suppose that's really all there is to say about it, other than have to fun and be as creative and imaginative as you can be! The most creative entries will most likely be considered for a winner!

Prize- A CGed (or colored however you want it) picture of whatever you want.

Contest Results:
This was a tough one...a really, really tough one. The entries were wonderful and I'd like to thank everyone who entered. *hugs all* ^__^ I had to use another impartial judge on this, so this is a combined decision, but despite that, the entries were so good, I decided to have a "mini-prize" for all who didn't win the grand. This mini-prize is a chibi of any character they would like. the results. The winner of the grand prize is Djinn! Congratulations! ^__^

Please email me as soon as possible for what you want me to draw, everyone. I'll get on it as soon as possible. ^__^ Thank you for participating in the first Target! contest!

First Entry: Got boy?
By: Isabel Gonzalez of Yum Pop, Undoubtedly Kawaii, and Namir Deiter
Second Entry: Target! Read it while it's still Fresh!
By: Sunmi of Trouble Makers
Third Entry: "Magical Boy" Manga: Because nobody wants to see Takumi in a skirt (well, most of us).
By: Alison of One "L" Productions
Fourth Entry: Hentai...a fragrance for the promiscuous.
By: Eto of Mory's Education
Fifth Entry: Target!- Nice and ways.
By: Cave of Yami na Koneko
Sixth Entry: Pocky! 100% lighthead flavor- Seiji approved!
By: Rai of
Seventh Entry: Takumi Nimejuushin- stores now!
By: Djinn of Kismet/Kien
Eighth Entry: Target Practice: Spread your ammo wisely
By: Jojo
Ninth Entry: Target Potatoes!
By: VampLaina

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