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Shady is currently a pepetually tired sophomore who is struggling to get through hell, or in other words, high school. She's 15, 5'6'' and should not be kept near sharp, shiny objects. She tends to overwork herself close to a mental breakdown often, though no one is sure why. Ways to make her calm are as follows: shove lots of shounen ai in her face; shove lots of CLAMP in her face; shove lots of CLAMP shounen ai in her face; lead her into a room full of pretty art supplies; give her food (can be rather dangerous without her daily intake of food); make her follow around a bishounen.

Shady tends to dream a lot, which is exactly what made her start on Target!. Being a professional mangaka is a big goal of her's and she hopes to someday publish Target! (she's very delusional like that).

Now! Here are some random facts!
Favorite Food: Gyros (among many others..)
Favorite Target! Character: Seiji
Favorite Manga: Tie between Chobits and X
Favorite Mangaka: CLAMP and Matsushita Youko
Favorite Anime: Escaflowne, Evangelion, Chobits

...Let's just say that Shady isn't good at profiles. ^_^;

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