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Thursday , February 2 , 2006
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02/02/06-'s been a while hasn't it? =_=;;; All I can say is...I'm sorry. I've been a horrible updater and I hope I can fix that, but I can't make any promises. Still, I'll try my hardest. I've also messed with the Target! livejournal so it serves as a place to go in between updates- I'll be posting mostly omake there, if you're interested, so check it out. Nothing much there yet, but it'll grow. In addition, I usually update about what's going on with my comic stuff at my livejournal, if anyone is curious. :) Also, I'm still updating King of Spades at Wirepop...pages haven't gone to pay only yet, so check out the first two chapters. Anyway, working on this page was really rejuvinating! I'm hoping I can keep this feeling up so I can make more pages quicker. Thank you for all of your support during this long (too long) hiatus! I really appreciate the pushing! Let's hope things go smoothly from now on!
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